Construction Project Management Tips

Being a construction project manager might seem like an easy job – but you have to work long hours and understand how to keep every aspect of the job organized. It will be your priority to help the customer get the finished project that they paid for and to keep your co workers happy. Anything that goes wrong will be your responsibility.


Each day of the project will feel like mayhem. If you do not have all of your ducks in a row than you are going to become confused and lose track of what works needs to be done during the week and what supplies you need. Make a checklist of what needs to be done each day and look through your project management software to see if you have any scheduled appointments. Many of these programs will send out e-mail notifications to alert you to anything important.

Go down your list each day in the order of their importance. Take care of the more difficult tasks or problems. This will keep you from procrastinating or from losing track of it all. Make sure that you keep your office organized also.

Follow Through

You must follow through with any appointments or tasks that need to be done with co workers, vendors, and customers. Make sure that you speak with them each week and inform them on how things are going. Address any problems and make notes of any changes that should be made. If you are not talking to them you will receive supplies late or deal with other problems.

The problem that most managers have is procrastinating and not calling people back. If your customer or vendor calls you make sure that you call them back promptly. Urgent calls should be returned right away in case there is a problem so you have time to fix it.