Build Topia Management Software

Build Topia was founded in 1999 by a group of homebuilders. They were all searching for a project management software that would allow them to use the benefits and efficiency of the Internet. They used what they know to create their own web based program application.

When you use the project management software from Build Topia you do not have to install it onto a business computer. It is accessed through the web site. You can access it from any computer by logging in with your specific username and password. This makes it easier to oversee everything that is going on when you are hundreds of miles away.

The project management software from Build Topia was designed for residential home builders. It will streamline and integrate every core construction business process through one powerful and easy to use method. It is a popular choice because it helps to improve the efficiency in production, reduce the number of errors, increase sales, and provide improved customer service.

It has many features including; lead prospect homebuyer and homeowner management, contracting, bidding, document management, project scheduling, warranty, service, vendor management, and on demand reporting. The vendor management allows you to keep track of deadlines and the cost of supplies so you never go over budget.

It is fully hosted, has free portals for partners and homebuyers to keep track of what is going on, full integration over the whole company, a training environment, and uses the best accounting systems on the market. You can download a free demo and take their free online classes to understand how it all works.