Aconex Mangement Software

Aconex is a web based application that allows builders to manage large and rather complex construction and engineering projects. The bigger the project is the more information is being passed between the people working together to complete it. It can be easy for bits and pieces to become lost or information being passed to become confused.

With the Aconex management software you will be able to remain in control of everything that is going on in the commercial or residential project that you are working on. Aconex is the worlds largest provider of collaboration solutions to different projects.

They understand that the main contractors, project management firms, and asset owners have a say in what goes on and want to be kept well informed. Because of this they have ways to allow them access, distribute, track, and archive each of their documents. They can also correspond using one main system.

During large projects e-mails can be misread or even lost. All e-mails, RFI’s, instructions, transmittals, progress claims, and variation request are stored to the central repository and are able to be archived to make sure that absolutely no information becomes lost. If any documents have been revised an automatic update will be sent to the vendor via instant messaging. This helps to keep everyone up to date and to keep the deadline without any problems.

Other important features include an individualized implementation procedures for a task management system for mail items, activities and tenders, and a thorough directory that allows the project manager to create information distribution groups. You can try their free demo to see how it all works together and to know if it is the right program for your business.